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Stay informed as national healthcare legislation and regulation drive changes in the insurance industry. Be aware of the latest trends in benefits strategy and value-based care. Learn what the experts are saying about vaccines, seasonal illnesses, public health policy and more.

  • David Holmberg, Highmark CEO

    Consumer into Quarterback

    From a high-level perspective, it’s not hard to spot similarities among the organizations leading transformation...

  • senior male on a video chat with a doctor while checking his blood pressure with a device

    2023 Year in Review

    The past year illustrated our continued commitment to innovation, expansion, and enhanced access for our...

  • female on her laptop talking to a doctor though a virtual visit

    Health Care Trends for 2024

    The health care industry constantly evolves in response to external influences and future estimations. Next year...

  • female working on a laptop computer working with a i  chatbots

    AI and Health Care

    A seemingly overnight boom of artificial intelligence (AI) is sending the world into a spin. While pundits discuss...

  • Photo of Doctor Farah talking to small group around a table

    Just What the Doctor Ordered

    Highmark Health is on a mission to create a remarkable health experience, freeing people to be their best. 

  • photo of a man receiving a covid-19 vaccine and then a bandage is being placed on his arm

    COVID-19 PHE is About to End

    The United States government took very specific actions to protect Americans when COVID-19 emerged as a...

  • David Holmberg Highmark CEO

    Built for You, Not Us

    At HLTH 2022 last year, Highmark Health, Google Cloud and League announced the first iteration of the integrated...

  • photo of two adults talking to a nurse or medical professional

    2022 Year in Review

    It was another busy year for Highmark, Inc., as we pursued our goals as a mission-driven health insurance organization.

  • photo of a man using his mobile device to video chat with a medical professional

    Six Health Care Trends 2023

    We have our eyes on the latest trends impacting the health care marketplace. Looking ahead to 2023, these include...

  • two women talking business

    No Surprises Act

    The No Surprises Act passed in 2020 and went into effect on January 1, 2022. For millions of people with health...

  • man checking his coverage

    Health Equity

    Despite living in a country with some of the world’s best health care providers and industry-leading technologies...

  • David Holmberg Highmark CEO

    Health is the Hero

    A student researching a paper on the U.S. health industry right now would soon notice how often words like “revolution”...

  • David Holmberg Highmark CEO

    Moving in the Right Direction

    As you may know, I currently serve as board chair for America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). Earlier this year...

  • person eating breakfest while reading the morning newspaper

    Simplifying Insurance

    Millions of people sign up for health insurance plans each year through an employer, via Medicare or Medicaid, or on...

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