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Health insurance is one of the most important factors for an employee and an important decision for employers. Understand the market and what matters most to your employees so your company can get the quality and cost you’re looking for.
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  • photo of a man using his mobile device to video chat with a medical professional

    Six Health Care Trends 2023

    We have our eyes on the latest trends impacting the health care marketplace. Looking ahead to 2023, these include...

  • group of employees working together in a happy way

    Addressing Behavioral Health

    Employee health is at the forefront of many employers’ minds. But healthy, happy, productive employees...

  • A diverse group of employees talking about business

    Total Cost of Care

    With healthcare costs projected to rise to an average of just over $15,500 per employee in 2021, employers continue...

  • person inspecting a prescription bottle while on the phone

    Workforce Behavioral Health

    Many employees in today’s workforce aren’t receiving the behavioral health care they need to thrive. Research from...

  • person eating breakfest while reading the morning newspaper

    Simplifying Insurance

    Millions of people sign up for health insurance plans each year through an employer, via Medicare or Medicaid, or on...

  • person at home using a virtual blood pressure machine

    Technology and the Future

    Technology has dramatically altered the way we do almost everything in our daily lives. The impact of...

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