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Health insurance is one of the most important factors for an employee and an important decision for employers. Understand the market and what matters most to your employees so your company can get the quality and cost you’re looking for.

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  • female on her laptop talking to a doctor though a virtual visit

    Health Care Trends for 2024

    The health care industry constantly evolves in response to external influences and future estimations. Next year...

  • two females talking about social determinants of health

    SDOH Impacts on Employees

    Learn how housing, education, social relationships, and other lifestyle factors impact your employees health.

  • female working on a laptop computer working with a i chatbots

    AI and Health Care

    A seemingly overnight boom of artificial intelligence (AI) is sending the world into a spin. While pundits discuss...

  • adult man and women having a serious conversation about substance use disorder

    Substance Use Disorders

    Substance use disorders (SUDs) and their causes are as diverse as the people who experience them...

  • photo of a doctor talking to a patient

    AI and Data Analytics

    Data is the backbone of health care. From individual diagnoses to population health measures to coding and...

  • a women at a table talking to other people about mental health

    Making Full Health the Focus

    Research shows that anxiety, depression, and/or substance abuse disorders continue to increase among adults.

Man holding baby and smiling at young boy while sitting at a kitchen countertop listening to a Highmark health podcast through a speaker.

Thought Leadership Podcasts: Health Care Reinvented

Thought leaders at Highmark are reinventing health care with new thinking, advanced technologies, and strategic partnerships. Learn how we’re creating the future by improving health care coverage and delivery for all our members.

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