Health and Wellness Programs

It's been reported that $18 billion could be saved annually if patients with avoidable issues took advantage of preventive care.* Our health and wellness initiatives can help them reach their health goals.

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Behavioral health resources

There's a lot we can do to create a happier, healthier workplace — and a big part of that is taking care of people's mental health. This online guide features information on available behavioral health resources, including support systems, services, treatment options, and more.

Personalized health and wellness coaching

Based on how employees fill out their wellness profile, we provide personalized outreach through our health coaches. Together, we can lower risk for illnesses, better manage health conditions, provide extensive support for complex health problems, and change unhealthy habits. Our health coaches work with your employees to:

  • Set goals.
  • Create personalized health plans.
  • Offer access to helpful health resources.
  • Maintain accountability.

Challenging your team

We use fun, game-like programs to promote healthy activities for your team and encourage members to make positive choices. When employees compete with peers in their workplace, they become engaged, motivated, and accountable.

Preventive on-site screenings

Highmark offers on-site wellness screenings to meet your employees' needs. These workplace wellness screenings are one more way we try to identify health concerns before they become serious. And that could lead to better outcomes for members and better value for you.

Engagement rewards

Engaged members are healthier members. We make it easy for you to offer incentives to your team for making healthy choices, whether it’s staying tobacco-free, completing preventive screenings, or attending fitness classes.

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Well360 has been independently verified and can lower hospital admission and ER visits — reducing the cost of health care. You and your team get access to:

  • Personal wellness coaching and digital wellness tools that fit their lives.
  • Strategies for maintaining and improving health.
  • Tools for tracking stress levels, sleep patterns, physical activity, body mass index, and other biometric factors.
  • Our Diabetes Prevention Program.

Integrated care team

When high-risk members are sick and have to be admitted to the hospital, they have a supportive health care team involved on day one. Our integrated care team can help members make the best care choices for their recovery.

Here's to your health

If you want to know more about how Highmark can help keep you and your team healthy, then let's chat today.

*  "Emergency Rooms vs. Urgent Care Centers." June, 2017.