Care Management Solutions

Great health care doesn't end when you leave the doctor's office. Our care management solutions keep the whole health of your team in mind.

Drawing of a man on gurney talking to medical professionals to show how Highmark health insurance employer customers have access to expert care.

Integrated Care Team

High-risk members have access to a team of experts with advanced analytics to help make sure they get the right care when they need it.
Drawing of blue chair and blue couch with a teddy bear and tissues to show Highmark health insurance behavioral health options for employer customers.

Behavioral Health

Your team's mental health matters. We've got the support systems, services, and treatment options in place to make sure your team is feeling their best.
Drawing of woman waving from a window to a woman and a man outside to show Highmark social determinants of health employer resources.

Social Determinants of Health

Education level, home life, and other social factors can have a big impact on a person's health. We can connect you to resources that address social determinants of health to help keep your team, and your bottom line, healthy.

Find the right solutions and tools that supports your employee's health.

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