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Highmark is moving the industry forward with new insights and solutions — from data analytics and artificial intelligence to virtual health and workplace wellness. We’re taking a 360-degree view of health care transformation and invite you to partner with us on the journey. Explore our recent podcasts to learn more.

Thought Leadership Podcasts: Health Care Reinvented

Our secure text messaging platform was deployed at the height of COVID-19 to facilitate patient-provider connections. See why it continues to be one of the most popular features within Highmark’s ever-growing ecosystem of member engagement tools.

Highmark uses descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive data analytics to create remarkable patient experiences, tailored to individual member needs. Learn how Ian Blunt’s team of 100+ data scientists, researchers, and engineers protect privacy, roots out bias, and drives positive health outcomes with machine learning, natural language processing, and other sophisticated technology.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), 14 million adults struggle with alcohol use disorder (AUD). We look at symptoms and solutions, including member access to Ria Health, a virtual health medical practice dedicated to AUD.

Our new collaboration brings deep audio artificial intelligence (AI) from the International Space Station (ISS) down to earth. Listen as our guests explain how Bosch SoundSee Microphones can analyze breathing patterns to diagnose pediatric pulmonary conditions.

Approximately 25% of adults live with back, shoulder, knee, hip, and other musculoskeletal pain — all of which can negatively impact workplace productivity and medical costs. Learn how our virtual Well360 Motion program connects members with exercise, education, and recovery resources.

Highmark uses data analytics to help our members be at their best. Hear Richard Clarke talk about our Living Health Platform and partnership with Google Cloud, and how data-driven insights are creating better-coordinated patient and clinician experiences.

Health care fraud is at epidemic levels in the U.S., costing Americans more than $380 billion per year. Learn how Highmark uses AI-enabled data forensics tools to identify suspicious patterns that point to fraudulent behaviors and dubious claims.

Virtual health has quickly become commonplace in just the last few years. Accelerated adoption of virtual visits has made it easier for more people to access care when they need it. Join us to explore the new tools and technologies that are improving virtual health right now.

Mental wellness is essential to whole-person health. Highmark has powerful mental health resources in place for employers and employees. Listen as we explain how to address mental health in the workplace and identify people who may be struggling.

In this episode of Health Care Reinvented, we explore how ANH and Highmark leveraged technology and a leading-edge health care IT company, Cedar, to deploy a solution that not only increases payments but reduces patient stress around the billing process.

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