My Highmark offers a more personal digital experience for plan members

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My Highmark is a web and app experience for Highmark health plan members. Advanced digital tools combine health care and health coverage into one seamless experience. Everything from care options to insurance deductibles to member rewards is available in one place.

My Highmark helps members:

  • Locate a provider
  • Check health benefit coverage and claim status
  • Control Health Savings or Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Build a Health Profile tailored to individual goals and interests
  • Find personalized programs, solutions, and resources based on eligibility and health needs
  • Access virtual health visits and digital chronic condition programs
  • Join wellness and rewards programs

A digital front door to better health

My Highmark is a cohesive, one-stop destination for health and wellness needs. Members no longer have to navigate across separate sites and apps. Single sign-on eliminates the need for multiple passwords to access care and benefits resources.

Third-party health apps and wearable devices can also sync with the My Highmark app. The platform has enormous potential for members who want to take an active role in their own health and wellness. “My Highmark is an integrated and seamless front door into an ecosystem of actionable data and personalized recommendations for better health,” says Ashley Blankette.

Blankette is the Vice President, Digital Product Management & Experience, Product & Health Experience, at Highmark Health. She is an advocate for whole-person health and tech-enabled interventions for a better quality of life.

Personalized guidance within a health care ecosystem

My Highmark is data-driven to deliver a personalized experience based on health conditions, plan benefits, and wellness goals. The platform consistently communicates the next best action for each member based on individual data, population health data, and predictive analytics.

“We curate our solutions for each individual member to help them know what is available, relevant to their individual needs. Recommendations can involve both clinical and nonclinical measures that make the experience more personal, productive, and accessible. Nudges could be toward chronic condition management solutions, community resources, or behavioral health care. My Highmark also makes direct connections to a clinical services team member,” says Blankette.

Next best actions drive positive health and financial outcomes and can inspire repeat visits to My Highmark. Members can participate in ongoing activities, including customized employer programs offered through the optional Beneficity digital experience.

“Incentivizing people with compelling reasons to act drives greater engagement,” says Blankette. “Employers also have the ability to add Wellness Reward programs. Employees access those programs directly in My Highmark. There’s no separate website or app. It’s all integrated into the full My Highmark experience.”

Care and coverage in one personalized experience

My Highmark delivers a digital experience that goes far beyond the traditional transactional insurance website. Members have access to a virtual ID via the app, along with a live chat option for contacting customer service. Self-service tools streamline the resolution of popular member inquiries and requests. Additional features, including a chatbot, are also under development. 

“Highmark is ahead of the pack on providing an experience based on integrated and personalized data,” states Blankette. “Some of the innovations built into My Highmark are leading the industry.” Blankette’s team is also looking at member patterns and engagement to further improve the My Highmark experience. “We are evolving the experience with new and enhanced digital capabilities based on data, customer, and client feedback,” she says.

My Highmark and the Living Health strategy

My Highmark launched as a pilot in 2022. As of March 2024, it’s become an integral part of Highmark’s Living Health strategy. The overarching goal is for members to live their best lives through proactive health interventions. My Highmark elevates wellness-focused information that can prevent the onset of disease. Early engagement through preventive actions can have a positive impact on physical, mental, and social health. 

“We use everything we know to create personalized experiences that help members get ahead of health issues,” explains Blankette. “My Highmark is a huge factor in realizing our Living Health strategy. Holistic data serves the specific needs of each individual member. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. No two people ever have the exact same health experience.”

All references to “Highmark” in this communication are references to Highmark Inc., an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, and/or to one or more of its affiliated Blue companies. 

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