EPO Blue Easy

What's the secret to healthier, happier members? Keep it simple.

Finally, a health plan that's easy to understand.

With this plan, your team has access to a broad network of doctors and hospitals and, when they need care, all they have to worry about is the copay.

Your employees gets:

  • Predictable copays for each office visit.
  • Zero-copay preventive care.
  • The confidence to get the medical services they need

Your company gets:

  • Fewer calls and questions to human resources
  • Less employee distraction and frustration
  • Greater employee satisfaction

Coverage near and far.

Members have access to high-quality care across Pennsylvania and beyond. Highmark members have access to the largest physician and hospital networks in the U.S. with over 1.7 million providers, including 95% of all hospitals.1

Take it easy.

We’ll get you set up with the EPO Blue Easy plan in no time.

1According to the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.