Complete Coverage

Blue Cross Blue Shield has your employees covered everywhere they live, work, and travel. Our networks span every U.S. ZIP code, with long-standing relationships with over 1.7 million providers nationwide, plus coverage in over 190 countries across the globe. Still need a little convincing? No problem.

Built for high performance

The Blue High Performance Network is one of the most expansive networks of its kind — covering more than 55 major U.S. markets. This network is built on doctors and hospitals who are committed to enhancing quality while reducing costs.

Support for members and the people who care for them.

Through a personalized, comprehensive care management strategy, we can improve outcomes and lower costs. Our strategy includes:

  • Chronic and complex condition management. 
  • Behavioral health solutions. 
  • Utilization management. 
  • Health coaching. 
  • Care advocacy and concierge programs.

A data-driven, integrated approach.

By combining your Highmark health coverage with your pharmacy benefits, we create a better experience for members and more savings. Our strategy includes:

  • Close collaboration with local providers to improve health and safety. 
  • Expert clinical guidance to manage cost and utilization. 
  • Advanced specialty drug management, like infusion therapy site of care. 
  • An innovative partnership, like Blue Distinction® Care Centers that save you and your team money.


Blue looks good on you.

There are even more ways Highmark can help you and your team, and we're happy to chat with you about them.