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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Highmark Health Options West Virginia approved as a managed care organization for state Medicaid beneficiaries beginning July 1

Parkersburg, W.Va (January 16, 2024) — West Virginia Department of Human Services (DoHS), Bureau for Medical Services (BMS), the state agency responsible for the administration of West Virginia's Medicaid program, has approved the Highmark Health Options West Virginia (HHOWV) application to be a managed care organization option for Medicaid eligible West Virginians. Highmark Health Options West Virginia Blue Cross and Blue Shield-branded health plans will be an option for state Medicaid beneficiaries beginning in June for a July 1, 2024 coverage date.

“Highmark Health Options West Virginia is a mission-driven organization dedicated to the health and well-being of our members, our team members and the communities we serve,” said Jason Landers, president, HHO WV. “We appreciate the trust the state has shown in us through this selection. It's an honor and privilege to serve all West Virginians, and a responsibility we don’t take lightly. We are excited to provide a Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plan that will make the state proud.”

Highmark Health Options West Virginia’s parent company, Highmark Inc. (Highmark), has a 30-plus-year history serving Medicaid enrollees. Highmark, one of the 10 largest health insurers in the United States, currently cares for more than 500,000 Medicaid beneficiaries across three states.

“This partnership is a testament to our unwavering commitment to the well-being of West Virginians,” said Cindy Beane, DoHS Bureau for Medical Services Commissioner. “It signifies our continued commitment to ensuring comprehensive and accessible health services for our Medicaid members and fostering a healthier tomorrow for all.”

The statewide contract between HHO WV and BMS runs for four years. Building a team to support this new business is among the next steps for HHO WV.

“We intend to staff HHO WV with West Virginia-based team members,” said Landers, who was born and raised in West Virginia. “As we grow, we will favor staff located in and working from West Virginia.”

Highmark Health Options West Virginia's investment in the state and in the health of West Virginians will extend beyond hospitals, health systems and providers. The MCO is in discussions with community-based organizations to generate interest in joining a social care network that will address the foremost social needs of its members and the communities in which they live.

“It takes a village to provide high-quality, high-value, affordable care,” Landers added. “In addition to offering members access to the best health care systems in the state, we’ll be active and visible community partners. Up to 80% of a person’s health is determined by the conditions in which they are born, grow, live, work and age. Healthy individuals live in healthy communities. We’ll invest in the strong network of grassroots community organizations and nonprofits throughout the state to improve the lives of not only our members, but of everyone who lives in West Virginia.”

West Virginians interested in HHO WV can enroll beginning in June. First-time Medicaid beneficiaries can enroll through, calling 1-877-716-1212 or visiting their local DoHS office. Current beneficiaries interested in switching to HHO WV should visit or call 1-800-449-8466.

About Highmark Health Options West Virginia
Highmark Health Options West Virginia is a managed care organization serving West Virginians who qualify for Medicaid. We help each of our members receive the care and services they need to live healthier and more independent lives, and we collaborate with providers and regulators to improve health outcomes, simplify the health care experience, and ensure affordability. Highmark Health Options West Virginia members include individuals and families with low income or complex health and social needs, expectant mothers, children, and people with disabilities. Learn more at

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