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Monday, July 26, 2021

Highmark launches "Because Life" campaign to announce change in the way we do health care

PITTSBURGH (July 26, 2021) — Highmark’s new “Because Life” campaign marks a change in the nature of health care. Highmark is bringing a new approach to the entire industry, moving it beyond just care that reacts to crisis and instead turning it into an integral part of daily life.

Highmark believes health should be easier to access, ever present, a part of daily existence and not just a reaction once some issue has arisen. And the reason for this change in scope and outlook resides in the two-word title of the campaign — Because Life.

Because life is precious. Because life is the big moments, the small ones, and every moment in between. Because nothing should stand in the way of those moments — especially not health care.

The campaign will include TV, print and radio ads, social media posts, and digital. As part of the campaign, Highmark will also sponsor multiple community-based events across its service area in Pennsylvania, Delaware, West Virginia, and New York to help encourage people to embrace health and see it not as just a response to illness but as a part of their daily lives.

To view the campaign spot, click here

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