Change Healthcare data breach

We are aware Change Healthcare has confirmed data was compromised in its February cyber incident.

Highmark is working with Change and United HealthGroup to fully understand the nature and extent of the impact on our members and customers. We will continue to support our members as more information becomes available.


Press Releases

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Highmark Supports Legislative Action to Establish Professional Licenses for Counselors and Therapists

The Senate Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee is scheduled to consider Senate Bill 1019 on Wednesday, December 13.  The legislation would establish a Pennsylvania Professional License for an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and Professional License for an Associate Professional Counselor.

Highmark is part of the Highmark Health Enterprise, a blended health care company providing commercial health insurance coverage, Medicaid and Medicare coverage, Dental insurance, and direct delivery of health care through our Allegheny Health Network with an overarching enterprise mission to transform health care.

As a blended health care entity, Highmark is committed to public policy initiatives that balance the intersection of health care costs, access, and quality.  Our members, customers, patients, and provider partners expect access to the highest quality care, including behavioral health care. 

We support Senate Bill 1019 as it would create a pathway for the Commonwealth to license additional health care professionals, specifically behavioral health care providers.  Licensure will provide accountability and standards patients deserve and expect while creating opportunity for more professionals to deliver needed care.