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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Delaware Prosperity Partnership and Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Delaware partner to launch webpage focused on healthcare careers in Delaware

Wilmington, Del. (March 16, 2021) — Physicians looking for more choices of lifestyle — from pristine coastal communities, rural, small-town Americana or vibrant city life — are discovering their options in Delaware.

Funded with support from Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Delaware, the new landing page is a one-stop resource for medical, nursing and clinical research professionals looking to explore transformative opportunities in innovation, patient and provider satisfaction in a state unmatched for its quality-of-life advantages. Not only is Delaware home to some of the nation’s most respected heath systems and research institutions, it also is known for its vibrant life sciences sector. Delaware’s demographic makeup is diverse, and clinicians experience access to a broad range of patient populations when practicing in Delaware.

A quick tour around the site introduces providers to Delaware’s innovative advances in research & development, pharmaceuticals, personalized medicine, gene editing, treatments and procedures. The site also includes:

  • A growing list of mid- to advanced-level career opportunities with some of the nation’s most respected and forward-thinking healthcare organizations.
  • Advantages of living and practicing in Delaware, from diversity to quality of life to proximity to popular mid-Atlantic destinations.
  • The Delaware Student Loan Repayment Program, which encourages healthcare professionals in advanced and mid-level disciplines to set up practice in rural and urban settings designated as Health Professional Shortage Areas. 

“Delaware is a hub of medical, scientific and pharmaceutical research, making it an ideal choice for both up-and-coming and established healthcare providers,” said Nick Moriello, president, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Delaware. “The valuable collaboration that exists among our academic institutions, healthcare systems and our public and private partnerships make Delaware an ideal place for healthcare providers to put their skills and expertise into practice.”

Among the advantages to practicing in any of Delaware’s three counties are the state’s collective commitment to improved population health through Our Healthy Neighborhood initiatives, its successful leadership in integrating coordinated behavioral health teams into primary care practices and the embrace of value-based contracting. Delaware also stands apart for a firmly established, supportive network of public/private collaboration where everyone knows one another, and things happen quickly and collegially.

Enticing providers to train and stay in Delaware.

Visitors to DPP’s healthcare careers site will find links to abundant opportunities for highly credentialed healthcare professionals in Delaware — for primary care providers, especially in Kent and Sussex counties — as the retiree population soars in Central and Southern Delaware with those seeking a gamut of lifestyle options, lower taxes and easy access to interstate and international travel.

Those just setting out for degrees in medicine and advanced practice nursing will find a wealth of opportunities to study and train in whichever of Delaware’s three counties that best meets their desired lifestyle. This is important because a significant percentage of physicians and advanced practice nurses set up practice in the same communities where they train.

“Highmark is committed to increasing access to high-quality healthcare throughout our state,” Moriello said. “We are pleased to partner with DPP on creating this important healthcare careers site to spotlight Delaware as a great place to live and to practice.

“Attracting talented healthcare providers to Delaware is necessary to drive real and equitable opportunities for change, as identified by Healthy Communities Delaware. Equally as important is letting these professionals know that working in Delaware provides access to not just viable career advancement, but meaningful personal development opportunities and a great place to live, explore and grow.”

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