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Health insurance is one of the most important factors for an employee and an important decision for employers. Understand the market and what matters most to your employees so your company can get the quality and cost you’re looking for. 
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  • Woman checking pill bottle and sitting in front of open laptop considering rising costs of healthcare

    Health Care Costs

    The fact that health care is more expensive in the U.S. than anywhere else is not up for debate — we spend about twice as...

  • David L. Holmberg, President and CEO, Highmark Health and Chairman of the Board, Highmark Inc.

    Health is the Hero

    A student researching a paper on the U.S. health industry right now would soon notice how often words like “revolution”...

  • Woman in scrubs holding a pen explores healthcare medical waste info on tablet

    Fraud, Waste and Abuse

    The United States spends more than $4 trillion a year on health care services. We have the highest per-capita spending...

  • Dr. Bradley Karlin Executive Medical Director, Enterprise Behavioral Health discusses value-based care models

    Meet Dr. Bradley Karlin

    We are in a time of unprecedented need in behavioral health care, but also a time of unprecedented innovation...

  • Older black man with cane considers high cost of chronic disease in the US.

    Chronic Disease Costs

    For decades, health care professionals and population health experts have warned that the U.S. has a crisis of chronic disease.

  • women working on a laptop computer

    Economic and Market Forces

    In discussions about the high cost of health care, topics like chronic disease management and prescription drug costs...

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