Find a Doctor or Pharmacy

We know finding the right health care provider is important. Save time and money with providers who are included in your network.
find a doctor or hospital

Find a doctor or hospital

Locate doctors, hospitals, labs, mental health professionals, diagnostic and imaging centers, medical supplies, urgent care and retail clinics, and other health care providers.


find a prescription drug list

Find a prescription drug list

A prescription drug list — or formulary — shows which drugs are covered by each insurance plan. That list will vary depending on the plan you choose. Read each plan summary carefully — a drug’s formulary status may affect how much you pay.


Prescription drug list for Individual and Family plans.

Some plans are eligible for additional drug benefits.

find a pharmacy

Find a pharmacy

Locate a pharmacy in your area.


find a vision care provider

Find a vision care provider

Locate optometrists, optical shops, and ophthalmologists.


find a dentist

Find a dentist

Locate a general or pediatric dentist, dental hygienist, endodontic specialist, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, orthodontist, periodontics or prosthodontics specialist.


Ready to enroll?

Ready to enroll?

Get an online quote and apply for a new plan.

Get an online quote and apply for a new plan.