Welcome to a family of health

We're more than just great health plans. We can connect you to innovative health solutions that can save your company money and a lot of headaches.

More than just health plans

Sure, we have a great selection of health plans and plan options. But we’re always thinking up new ways to make health insurance better, like:
  • Integrated Rx

    Save up to $230 per member per year when you integrate medical and prescription coverage.*

  • Well360 Clarity

    Our Well360 product portfolio offers flexible solutions for care management, wellness, member services, and advocacy. And our clinical programs have been shown to save up to $875 per engaged member per month.**

  • Additional Resources

    Dental, post-acute care, and reinsurance - We can connect you with separate companies that can drive innovative solutions for your company’s health care needs.+

Coverage near and far

Highmark members have access to the largest physician and hospital networks in the U.S. with over 1.7 million providers, including 95% of all hospitals.*** Plus, we can help members find care and estimate their costs no matter where they go.

Commitment to you community

We've been dedicated to your health and the health of your neighbors for over 80 years. Not only did we create the Walk for a Healthy Community but, more recently, we've donated over $4M in personal protection equipment to local schools in order to help keep kids safe during the COVID-19 crisis.

And, of course, great health plans

Want to see which health plans are available for your company? We're happy to show you.

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* Findings based on a 2020 HealthScape Advisors study. HealthScape Advisors, an independent company, was engaged by Highmark to conduct an analysis of medical and pharmacy claims costs for ASO groups from 2017-2019.

** Savings were observed over a six-month period for members enrolled in our transition of care program.

*** According to the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

+ These are separate companies that do not offer Blue Cross or Blue Shield products or services.