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Highmark Inc.'s health plan membership for 2015 remains strong across all market segments

Highmark retains 5.3 million health plan members

Company points to Community Blue enrollment and network strength of the Allegheny Health Network and community hospitals as key drivers of its enrollment success

Highmark Inc.

PITTSBURGH (Feb. 4, 2015) — Highmark Inc. today announced that its health plan membership remains strong across its commercial, senior and individual market segments. Overall, Highmark maintained 5.3 million health plan members and remains the fourth-largest Blue plan in the country, as well as the largest health plan in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Delaware. As a diversified health care company, Highmark continues to expand its business by taking such steps as entering the Medicaid market in Delaware and West Virginia. Additionally, with this year's anticipated merger with Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Highmark will add approximately 272,000 new members.

"Despite the unprecedented marketplace challenges we faced in 2014, our enrollment totals show that our health plan remains strong and stable," said Deborah Rice-Johnson, president of Highmark Health Plan. "Our Community Blue enrollment, with approximately 420,000 commercial and senior members, really stands out as a success. It provides the best example of how consumers, when given the choice to select the care, place and price that is right for them, chose the value of Highmark. Community Blue gives members the ability to maintain a broad choice of doctors and hospitals, while achieving high-quality, lower-cost health care."

The company's enrollment also shows that consumers value the investments that have been made to ensure there is a vibrant Allegheny Health Network available to the residents of western Pennsylvania, in addition to a broad network of community hospitals across the entire state to meet their needs.

Strong western Pennsylvania membership despite competitive challenges
Total enrollment in western Pennsylvania:

  Jan. 2014 Jan. 2015
Senior/Individual Members 365,303


Commercial/National Members 1,290,440


Maintains strong member retention
Employer groups continue to obtain great value in Highmark's products and services. Member retention rates among group purchasers remain strong:

  • Western Pennsylvania: 87 percent of members
  • Central Pennsylvania: 90 percent of members
  • Delaware: 91 percent of members
  • West Virginia: 89 percent of members

In western Pennsylvania, the company remained the preferred insurer in the region. Highmark added more than 23,000 new members in western Pennsylvania, and, of the employer groups that elected to offer multiple carriers, 71 percent of the groups' employees chose to remain with Highmark.

Highmark remains the largest Medicare Advantage provider in Pennsylvania
Highmark continues to be seniors' Medicare Advantage provider of choice. Highmark maintained a strong membership base with more than 300,000 members in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and retained nearly 90 percent of its membership.

According to Rice-Johnson, it is clear seniors continue to see the benefits of Highmark's products and services. Highmark's senior product options have received strong Star ratings, which is the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service's (CMS) quality rating system. In fact, Highmark's Freedom Blue PPO plan is the highest Medicare Star rated plan in Pennsylvania. The company also has a large provider network that includes continued access to all providers and hospitals in western Pennsylvania, including UPMC, for members enrolled in Security Blue HMO and Freedom Blue PPO plans.

Individuals continue to select Highmark
In 2014, Highmark experienced a new way of selling health insurance by participating on the public exchanges in Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia. Given Highmark's longstanding history of delivering high-quality health care to consumers, people continue to find peace of mind and value in carrying a Highmark health insurance card in their wallets because of its broad range of plans and competitive prices.

Highmark's current enrollment* for individuals who have purchased plans on the federal exchange and directly through Highmark totals 343,115 members, with a state-by-state breakdown as follows:

  • Pennsylvania: 269,255 members
  • West Virginia: 43,878 members
  • Delaware: 29,982 members

"We're pleased with the number of enrollees who have chosen Highmark, and we look forward to providing them with high-quality health insurance," Rice-Johnson said. "Consumers see the value in our plan options and customer service, which is why they continue to be Blue."

*Enrollment numbers as of Jan. 30, 2015 are of those who have been loaded to Highmark's system through completed enrollments (834s that have been verified and processed by Highmark). These enrolled members may have not yet paid their first month's premium.

About Highmark Inc.

Highmark Inc. is among the largest health insurers in the United States and the fourth-largest Blue Cross and Blue Shield-affiliated company. Highmark and its diversified businesses and affiliates operate health insurance plans in Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia that serve 5.3 million members. Its diversified health businesses serve group customer and individual health needs across the United States through dental insurance, vision care and other related health businesses. Highmark is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, an association of independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies. For more information, visit

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