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The difference you can make when you're all for health.

No ordinary puppy

Blue isn’t like most puppies. With the help of Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs — and support from Highmark — he’s on his way to becoming both a best friend and a life-saving partner.

To date, Guardian Angels has paired over 300 medical service dogs with deserving veterans and others in need.

While Blue is only in the early stages of his training, he could soon be paired with someone who will depend on him each and every day.

Highmark sponsors this training because dogs like Blue are one-of-a-kind partners on the path to better health. What’s more, they can provide those in need with a unique sense of hope.

When people think of medical service dogs, guide dogs for the blind and therapy dogs typically come to mind. While guide dogs are indeed service dogs, there’s so much more that these highly capable canines can do.

Today, Guardian Angels trains dogs to assist with many health-related tasks, including:

  • Alerting for help
  • Alerting prior to a seizure
  • Diabetic alerts
  • Opening and closing doors, drawers, and refrigerators
  • Picking up dropped items
  • Assisting with balance issues
  • Mitigating the challenges of PTSD — like shielding, grounding from anxiety, and waking from nightmares
  • Assisting those with autism

Most importantly, medical service dogs can help with something far less tangible — they can give people back their self-confidence and independence. Just another reason Highmark is proud to support Guardian Angels.

A focus on veterans

While many people with a variety of conditions can benefit from the support of a medical service dog, Guardian Angels strives to pair dogs with military veterans as often as possible — especially those who suffered combat wounds while on duty.

By improving the quality of life for these recipients, medical service dogs can help minimize reliance on government, communities, caregivers, and families — living proof of the difference a service dog can make for those in need.

The support that Highmark provides to Guardian Angels helps to ensure that no recipient is ever charged for a service dog. And, no matter the disability or background, Guardian Angels strives to assist as many people as possible.

Learn more about Guardian Angels

There are multiple ways to get involved with Guardian Angels. Feel free to call 800-398-6102 or visit any of the links below to lend your support.

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