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The difference you can make when you're all for health.

Coverage wherever life takes you and your family

It's an exciting time for the Gaul family.

18-year-old Ellen is heading off to college in upstate New York. It's the first time she's lived away from her parents and brother in Pittsburgh.

To prepare for her new adventure, Ellen and her parents, Chris and Karen, had a lot to do to get ready.

Ellen packed her clothes, blankets, her favorite family photos — and her Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) member ID card.

Because her Highmark BCBS coverage can make the move with her to college, Chris and Karen are confident that Ellen will have access to health care when she needs it.

The Gaul family is living proof of the confidence and security that comes with coverage that goes wherever life takes you.

Trusted coverage at home and away

Like generations of other satisfied Highmark BCBS members, Chris and Karen have come to trust Highmark for their health coverage. As a high school teacher, Chris has had Highmark health insurance through his employer for the past 11 years. And his coverage has always been there to meet his family's needs.

So health coverage wasn't a factor when Ellen started thinking about college.

"We didn't put limits on where Ellen could apply. After she decided where she wanted to go, we looked into her coverage," said Chris.

Because Ellen's university requires all students to have health insurance, it offers a student health plan. But Ellen and her parents didn't need to worry about changing plans. Her Highmark coverage is accepted at the clinic on her campus and at a nearby hospital.

"We're good. We're covered," Chris said. "With getting a child ready for college there is so much to think about. It's been really nice that health coverage is something we don't have to think of."

"It's a nice perk that Highmark has the ability to work out of the area."

Parents of college students like Chris and Karen have enough to worry about when it comes to their children. One thing that they don't have to worry about is whether Ellen will be taken care of if she ever has a health care need.

Highmark's here for you — across town, across the country, and around the world

Having coverage that gives you access to care away from home means extra peace of mind. Highmark health plans can provide members with access to over 90% of doctors and specialists in all 50 states.

Within the U.S., Highmark members can access the BlueCard program. It connects 36 BCBS companies that have negotiated with doctors and hospitals to provide savings to members like Ellen and her family.

Before any temporary relocation or travel, it's a good idea to contact Highmark. Find out if there are any limitations to your coverage. And if you do have a health care need while away, make sure you know:

So wherever your life may take you, you can count on your Highmark coverage to be with you every step of the way.

Additional information

Network coverage varies by plan. Check your member materials for details. A provider's participation status and the level of benefit available for a provider's services may vary by benefit plan design.

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