Cost Management Solutions

From spending accounts, to our integrated pharmacy approach, and beyond
- helping you manage costs is a big part of how we simplify health care for
your business.

drawing of a man on a bike heading towards lower costs

Lower your total cost of care

Highmark’s total cost of care approach focuses on member health care costs. Close provider relationships and low unit costs drive savings in medical costs that are up to 14% less than others insurers. And we have a validated study to prove it.

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Drawing of blue pharmacy on a sunny day illustrates Highmark health insurance pharmacy solutions for employers.

Pharmacy solutions

Getting your pharmacy benefits from the same place you get your health plan can save your company as much as $230 per member per year.2 See how Highmark can help keep your team healthy while keeping costs down for everybody.
Drawing of woman riding bicycle on a sunny day shows Highmark Health Blue Cross Blue Shield network availability to employer customers.

Blues integration

Better coverage leads to more savings. When you’re with Highmark, you and your team have access to the Blue Cross Blue Shield network and all the high-quality care and cost-saving that come with it.
Drawing of person talking to bearded man and woman in wheelchair at table shows Highmark health spending accounts options for employer customers.

Spending accounts

Every health plan has some kind of out-of-pocket cost that comes with it. There are also other expenses that your health plan doesn’t cover. Spending accounts help members use pretax dollars to save money on some of these expenses. See what spending accounts pair best with your health plan. 
  • Illustration of a magnifying glass over a dollar sign, representing Highmark's payment integrity process

    Payment integrity

    From identifying overpayments to investigating fraud, our extensive step-by-step payment integrity process helps ensure claims are legitimate, appropriate, and accurately paid. 

  • Illustration of a paper checklist, representing Highmark's stop-loss financial risk protections for companies.

    Stop Loss

    As high-dollar claims continue to rise in frequency and severity, help protect your self-funded health care plan from financial risk with the right Stop Loss insurance coverage.

Need financial protection for your self-funded health plan?

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2Findings based upon Highmark analysis of 2017 – 2019 group experience of paid medical costs.