Change Healthcare data breach

We are aware Change Healthcare has confirmed data was compromised in its February cyber incident.

Highmark is working with Change and United HealthGroup to fully understand the nature and extent of the impact on our members and customers. We will continue to support our members as more information becomes available.


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We know finding the right health care provider is important. Save time and money with providers who are included in your network.

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Locate doctors, hospitals, labs, mental health professionals, diagnostic and imaging centers, medical supplies, urgent care and retail clinics, and other health care providers.


Find a prescription drug list

A prescription drug list — or formulary — shows which drugs are covered by each insurance plan. That list will vary depending on the plan you choose. Read each plan summary carefully — a drug’s formulary status may affect how much you pay.

Choose from this list if:

You got your health plan through your employer.

Your health plan is an ACA (Affordable Care Act) plan.

You have a Medicare plan.

You have a CHIP plan.

Some plans are eligible for additional drug benefits.

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Locate optometrists, optical shops, and ophthalmologists.


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Locate a general or pediatric dentist, dental hygienist, endodontic specialist, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, orthodontist, periodontics or prosthodontics specialist.


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Ready to enroll?

Get an online quote and apply for a new plan.

Get an online quote and apply for a new plan.