Post Enrollment

Create your account

Register and get the most out of your plan

When you register you can:

  • Receive notifications, however you like
  • Set up automatic payments
  • Choose, or choose to keep, your PCP
  • Review upcoming health care perks & discounts

Know what to expect

Member ID card and Welcome Guide

We send you a Welcome Guide to make understanding your new plan easier.

If you have paid your first bill, you’ll get your ID card in the mail just before your plan starts. Once registered, you can access your ID card online, on the plan’s start date, upon payment.

Pay your premium

Decide how you’ll pay

If you have a new plan, you must make a payment. Any advance payments will be applied to your first billing invoice. This invoice will arrive by mail within 7 business days of choosing your plan.

Once you register, you can set up one-time or recurring payments online by clicking the Pay Premium tab within the member website.

After you register

Coverage, PCPS, and preventative care

Log in to your account to:

  • Visit Coverage Summary for an overview of your plan. Health Plan 101 gives you an overview of how Highmark does insurance and how you can benefit.
  • Find a Doctor and Match Dr. Right make finding the right PCP easy and convenient.
  • Check your Preventive Schedule to see how we help you stay healthy. Preventive visits are 100% covered.

When your plan starts

Discounts, formulary, and health coaches

You may enjoy the following perks, once you’ve paid and your plan begins:

  • Discounts - Get lower prices for things that keep you healthy, like a gym membership.
  • Formulary - Formularies are lists of drugs that your plan covers. Find out if your prescriptions are covered.
  • Health Care Coach - Use a coach to keep you and your covered family members on track to stay healthy.