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Sustainable, Eco-Friendly & Green

At Highmark, our efforts to become a more sustainable company align with our corporate values, specifically stewardship. We strive to improve the health of the communities we serve and manage the assets that have been entrusted to our care, which drives the realization of our corporate mission.

Good health and a healthy environment go hand in hand

By helping to protect the environment, we can better nurture good personal health — for our members, other customers, employees and the communities in our region.

Our sustainability initiatives not only have significant environmental benefits but have helped our company become even more efficient and cost-effective.

Our community partners and vendors are invaluable in helping us to capitalize on new opportunities to save energy, trees, other resources and dollars, too.

Our four overall sustainability goals are to:

  • Reduce energy and water consumption at all major facilities
  • Renovate, construct, operate and maintain facilities in accordance with LEED practices
  • Achieve ENERGY STAR certification for our major facilities
  • Educate our employees and members regarding how they can support our environmental commitment at work and at home

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