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Health insurance is one of the most important factors for an employee and an important decision for employers. Understand the market and what matters most to your employees so your company can get the quality and cost you’re looking for.

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  • two men looking at their prescription bottles

    LGBTQ+ Health Care Benefits

    It’s now more important than ever to attract and retain a diverse workforce. As an employer, investing in inclusive....

  • young female adult reading about her employee benefits plan

    Transitioning Benefits

    January is the start of another employee benefits year for most companies. Ideally, the benefit offering meets...

  • young man on the telephone looking at his spending accounts benefits

    Spending Accounts Add Value

    The concept of Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) first emerged in the 1970s as a way for employees to control their...

  • David Holmberg, Highmark CEO

    Consumer into Quarterback

    From a high-level perspective, it’s not hard to spot similarities among the organizations leading transformation...

  • a group of young adults clapping

    Employee Resource Groups

    Bring like-minded people together based on common backgrounds and goals. ERGs span the entire spectrum of...

  • senior male on a video chat with a doctor while checking his blood pressure with a device

    2023 Year in Review

    The past year illustrated our continued commitment to innovation, expansion, and enhanced access for our...

Man holding baby and smiling at young boy while sitting at a kitchen countertop listening to a Highmark health podcast through a speaker.

Thought Leadership Podcasts: Health Care Reinvented

Thought leaders at Highmark are reinventing health care with new thinking, advanced technologies, and strategic partnerships. Learn how we’re creating the future by improving health care coverage and delivery for all our members.

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