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Health insurance is one of the most important factors for an employee and an important decision for employers. Understand the market and what matters most to your employees so your company can get the quality and cost you’re looking for.
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  • patient talking to a doctor in an office setting

    Diverse Workforce With Data

    Improving employee health outcomes comes down to data. Data is what informs evidence-based care, based on...

  • A group of doctors and nurses discussing a preventive care topic shows Highmark employer thought leadership.

    Healthy Employee Habits

    Ensuring that employees make the most of their employer-provided health plan is a two-pronged effort...

  • Man receiving a COVID-19 vaccine and then a bandage is being placed on his arm to show Highmark health care commitment

    COVID-19 PHE is About to End

    The United States government took very specific actions to protect Americans when COVID-19 emerged as a...

  • David Holmberg Highmark CEO discusses Highmark Health innovation

    Built for You, Not Us

    At HLTH 2022 last year, Highmark Health, Google Cloud and League announced the first iteration of the integrated...

  • Two adults talking to a nurse or medical professional demonstrates Highmark health insurance mission.

    2022 Year in Review

    It was another busy year for Highmark, Inc., as we pursued our goals as a mission-driven health insurance organization.

  • Man using his mobile device to video chat with a medical professional to illustrate Highmark innovations in health care.

    Six Health Care Trends 2023

    We have our eyes on the latest trends impacting the health care marketplace. Looking ahead to 2023, these include...

Man holding baby and smiling at young boy while sitting at a kitchen countertop listening to a Highmark health podcast through a speaker.

Thought Leadership Podcasts: Health Care Reinvented

Thought leaders at Highmark are reinventing health care with new thinking, advanced technologies, and strategic partnerships. Learn how we’re creating the future by improving health care coverage and delivery for all our members.

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