Care Transitions

Care doesn't end when you leave the doctor's office.

Embedded Care

We place care managers where a high volume of Highmark Wholecare members seek assistance. That way, somebody you can count on is always close by. They can help arrange transportation to and from doctor visits and inform you about community services that may help you.

Transition Care

We are here to help you at all times. Soon after leaving the hospital, one of our Transition Care Managers will check in to see how you're recovering. They are a great resource for setting up follow-up appointments and closing any gaps in care that may arise.

Complex Care

We provide a Complex Case Management program for eligible members. A Care Manager can help you to better understand your health condition and benefits and can also help to coordinate your health care services by talking with your doctor. We can also tell you about community organizations and resources that may meet your needs.

You may be eligible for the Complex Care Program if you are a Highmark Wholecare Member and you:

  • Have multiple medical conditions
  • Have a complex medical history
  • Need assistance to become more self-reliant in managing your health care