Real savings in the first year – guaranteed.

That feeling you get when a member personally engages with a health solution early in their journey, while saving you money. That's Well360 Clarity.

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Targeted, proactive member engagement that drives down costs.

Using real-time data and predictive analytics, we focus in on high cost drivers that impact the health of your members and the cost of your company's health care spend. By engaging with members earlier and often throughout their care journeys, our aim is to help them make better decisions that then lead to better health outcomes, for them and your business's bottom line.

Here's how Well360 Clarity helps lower your costs:

  • Guidance to members in finding high-quality, low-cost specialists to help minimize unnecessary care and cost variation across providers.
  • Help navigating members to the right site of service to control overutilization of high-cost settings.
  • Targeted case management with a nurse case manager who supports members with unmanaged chronic and complex health conditions.

Clarity for your members. Clear protection of your bottom line.

Taking a proactive approach to health care, the Well360 Clarity team provides outreach to members early on in their health journeys. By listening, guiding, and encouraging, we help members take an active role in their own care. Finding the right providers, including high-quality, low-cost specialists, the team offers ongoing support and meaningful, high-touch follow-up. By taking the time to understand your member's needs, we help them make better, more informed decisions about their care which can lead to better outcomes.

This highly personalized approach also drives down the high costs associated with overutilization, such as unnecessary and costly ER visits. In fact, you'll be pleased to see immediate savings on your total cost of care, in the first year – guaranteed.

Bring Well360 Clarity to life for you members.

The choice is clear. Well360 Clarity provides your members with a dedicated care team that helps them better manage and take care of their health, while giving you a powerful solution that helps your company reduce its overall cost for care. Start the conversation today with your client management team about bringing Well360 Clarity to life for your company.

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