What is PATHway?

Becoming a mother while struggling with a substance use disorder is hard. PATHway aims to provide these mothers with the support and treatment that they need. It doesn’t just provide needed medical services. Mothers also get mental and social services to help them better care for themselves and their babies.

This program will also provide care which could include:

  • Medication assisted treatment (MAT) to reduce withdrawal symptoms.
  • Counseling to support a healthy pregnancy and delivery.
  • A health home site to provide childcare, counseling and transportation.

What can I expect for myself and my baby?

The program may provide at least six (6) weeks of care to help you recover after giving birth. Our case managers make sure that moms have access to the resources they need to care for their babies at home. They can help book appointments and address issues preventing care. The case managers can help find ways for you to get to your appointments.

Understanding your baby’s take home instructions and what you should be looking out for is tricky. Our case managers can help you learn and follow any directions your doctor gives you. They can also help you look for signs that Early Intervention might be needed.

Babies born to mothers in the PATHway program will be monitored for up to five days for neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS). If the baby shows any signs or symptoms, they will get the treatment they need. Our care managers assist with coordinating care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. They can help connect moms and babies to follow-up services and support when they leave the hospital.

How can I enroll?

  • Call one of the home health facilities below directly about their program.
  • Call Highmark Wholecare Maternity Case Management Department 1-800-392-1147 TTY 711 for help
  • Speak with doctor to discuss concerns and treatment options.


Where can I go?

Use the map below to locate Home Health Locations.