Procurement Supplier Guide

Highmark Inc. strives to develop strong business relationships with suppliers that can provide a wide range of goods and services at the best possible value to our company.

If you feel your business can meet our needs — and you are prepared to demonstrate your capabilities — we encourage you to review this section of the site and use it as a guide to working with us. We welcome the opportunity to evaluate new business partners, including those that help to support our corporate sustainability programs through better purchasing.

In addition, the Procurement Ethics and Compliance page explains the code of conduct and standards we follow in our business relationships.

Procurement's vision and mission statement

Corporate procurement's vision is to be a value added procurement function that is strategically aligned and valued by our company.

We seek to:

  • Judiciously manage the spending of company funds for goods and services
  • Maintain compliance with government regulations
  • Improve response time to all internal customers
  • Assist internal customers in accomplishing their goals
Authority and philosophies

Corporate procurement is responsible for ensuring that the company's purchases yield the best value and the least risk. Committed to sound business practices, our purchasing professionals abide by the Principles and Standards of Ethical Supply Management Conduct as espoused by the Institute for Supply Management.

Our contracts with the federal government affect our approach to purchasing. We are required to follow particular rules in order to meet these contract needs.

Process for selecting suppliers

We select only those responsive suppliers who provide high-quality, timely, lowest-cost and value-added goods and services. For critical commodities, we ensure the provision of these requirements by establishing long-term relationships with select suppliers.

Development of preferred supplier status

Successful candidates must show that their products and services are competitively priced. In addition, we want suppliers that can offer innovative ideas to help us increase the value of our operations while lowering our cost of acquisition and ownership.

Once included in our field of suppliers, your continuing share of future business will depend on your ongoing commitment to offer products and services that meet these goals.

Supplier performance expectations

We have established performance expectations and measures to maximize our strategic, long-term supplier relationships. These standards also allow us to gather the data we need to routinely assess suppliers and make process improvements.

These performance expectations include:

  • Quality — Maintains standards consistently
  • Delivery — Conforms to schedules and deadline
  • Sales — Representatives are knowledgeable about their field, commodities and company
  • Cost of ownership — Competitive prices are offered over the life of the asset or engagement
  • Technical — Demonstrates ability to keep abreast of technological advances and incorporate them into products and services
  • Responsiveness — Demonstrates commitment to supporting our company's changing needs