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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Highmark Statement on the Senate Health Care Legislation

PITTSBURGH (July 6, 2017) — Highmark is committed to ensuring that everyone in our community can access affordable, high-quality health care coverage.

We have long advocated for policies to stabilize the individual market, including cost sharing reduction subsidies, funding to deal with individuals with high medical costs and strong incentives to obtain and maintain health insurance coverage.  We urge the Senate to continue to focus on these and other policies that moderate premiums and promote choice and competition in a stable, private insurance market.

We have also long supported a need to address care for our most vulnerable citizens, and believe that there needs to be a separate focus and dialogue on the Senate's work to ensure the Medicaid program offers a high-quality, sustainable environment for beneficiaries, managed care plans and health care providers.

Whether or not our leaders in Washington drive for immediate action to address health care in our nation, our country must address the longer term issues of medical care cost drivers and work toward a focus on high-quality, value-based health care.


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