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Diversity & Inclusion

Our Culture

A culture of inclusion is built on a foundation of respect and collaboration. We realize the impact that cultural competency and multicultural awareness can have on our workplace. We strive to ensure that all our employees understand that inclusion is not only the responsibility of our company but the responsibility of each individual.

Diversity is about differences. From things like job level, family status, sexual orientation and generation to culture, educational level, religion, race and many other demographic dimensions, supporting diversity is about acknowledging and respecting the differences that make people unique and similar.

Inclusion is about creating an environment in which diversity can thrive. Building an inclusive culture is critical to advancing business, satisfying customers, retaining talent and driving innovation. Inclusion is what makes people feel welcomed and appreciated. It is the responsibility of each one of us.

  • Executive sponsors—We understand that successful and sustainable diversity and inclusion results can only be achieved by having leadership commitment from the very top. Our diversity and inclusion executive sponsors are key leaders within our organization who are committed to championing our efforts and driving cultural change.
  • Highmark Inclusion Advisory Council—The Highmark Inclusion Advisory Council is made up of organizational leaders who serve as diversity and inclusion advisers and champions in their respective business units while helping to drive diversity and inclusion through business integration, employee engagement and cultural change.
  • Business Resource Groups (BRGs)—Our BRGs serve and operate as an inclusive network of employees under corporate sponsorship that leverage and share personal knowledge and experiences to enhance professional growth, promote cultural competency and multicultural awareness and positively impact the company's bottom line. They contribute to our competitive advantage in the health care industry by enhancing our organizational capability through targeted market intelligence, development of human capital, diverse leadership development and community outreach programs.