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What's New at Highmark Inc.

Highmark is helping members impacted by the California wildfires.

Highmark recognizes how important it is to help those affected by natural disasters, so we're putting temporary program changes into effect immediately for our members who are affected by the California wildfires.

The governor of California has issued a State of Emergency Declaration in Shasta, Lake, Mendocino, Napa, Riverside, Orange, and Mariposa counties in the State of California. Unless your employer has opted out, the following waivers have been put in place for members who reside in the impacted counties:

  • Medical authorization requirements
  • Claims timely filing
  • Paying out-of-network claims as in-network
  • Medication refill too soon

These changes will remain in effect until further notice.

To ensure our members aren't inconvenienced, we will review all claims dated within the impact timeline for these counties in California. We hope to avoid our impacted members receiving notifications that claims were denied in error.

Our Member Service team is prepared to respond if you need help. If you have any questions or need assistance, please call the Member Service number on the back of your ID card.