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The difference you can make when you're all for health.

An essential carry-on: national health care coverage

When Connie heads to the airport to board another plane, she thinks about her next meeting, the traffic, and the line at security. She hopes there is a strong Wi-Fi connection at the terminal so she can FaceTime with her daughter before she leaves.

One thing she doesn't need to worry about is finding an in-network doctor if she needs one while she's away.

"Having Highmark means I can see a doctor wherever I am. Just as my daughter can at home in western Pennsylvania," Connie said. "It's nice not worrying that we might have to pay a huge amount of money on top of being sick."

Connie is living proof that having a Highmark health plan provides peace-of-mind.

Coverage across the US

Connie's Highmark health plan gives her access to over 90% of doctors and specialists in 50 states.

Some years, it seems like she's visited most of them. She directs new media and digital communications for a national organization. And that means visiting locations in Las Vegas, Dallas, Washington, D.C., Florida, Ohio, and elsewhere.

"Last summer I was at a conference. While doing my hair I managed to burn my arm with the flat iron. It became infected and I had to go to an urgent care center for medication," she said. "They accepted my insurance, with my normal copay. That was a relief."

"I have peace of mind that any health issues are covered — at home or away," she said.

Highmark's here for you — across town, across the country, and around the world

Having coverage that gives you access to care away from home means extra peace of mind.

Most Highmark health plan members have in-network access to the BlueCard® network, the nation's largest network of doctors and hospitals. Your member ID will be recognized and accepted at 96% of hospitals and 93% of doctors in all 50 states.

You also have coverage when you travel internationally, with the level of coverage varying depending on your specific plan design. Emergency care is always covered whether at home or abroad.

Additional information

Network coverage varies by plan. Check your member materials for details. A provider's participation status and the level of benefit available for a provider's services may vary by benefit plan design.

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