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The difference you can make when you're all for health.

Going the extra mile for health

Because it's not easy for everyone to get to a doctor, Highmark created a mobile clinic to bring doctors to Highmark members. Health Care on the Go is a mobile clinic that is a doctor's office on wheels. We're making the road to better health easier to find and a lot shorter.

When Barbara got a call at her McKees Rocks home from Highmark, she was pleased someone was watching out for her health care. "I didn't expect Highmark to pay personal attention to me."

She came to the mobile clinic for a preventive exam. The doctor checked Barbara's blood pressure, weight and other vital signs. "It was just 10 minutes from home," she recalled. "I didn't have to wait and everyone was very nice."

Though unexpected, the call from Highmark made Barbara feel special. "I was surprised that my insurance company cared that much about me," she said.

Barbara's experience with Health Care on the Go is living proof that people can get the important health exams they need, when they have a health plan that goes the extra mile.

A different approach to mobile health care

"Mobile health care is not a new concept, but our approach is different," said Barbara Gray, R.N., senior vice president of clinical services at Highmark Inc. "We are reaching out to members who may be more at-risk — identifying them and working to remove the obstacles in their way."

Currently, the mobile clinic staff is contacting older adults who have not had a recent preventive exam, making it easy for them to have their annual wellness exam.

It's a great chance for them to discuss their health issues at length with a local primary care doctor. This longer medical visit can be the beginning of a strong doctor-patient relationship — a direct route toward better health.

"Bringing care to members makes it convenient, but this bridge of connection is the real strength of the program. Helping members understand how to navigate the health care system can change lives," Gray said.

Health Care on the Go services are offered to those who have:

  • Medicare Advantage
  • Medicaid plans
  • Coverage through the Affordable Care Act

Removing barriers to care

The mobile clinic visited seniors in several western Pennsylvania communities since it opened in June 2016 and drives on to help families in West Virginia in the fall.

By using local doctors in the Highmark network to staff the clinic, we can introduce residents to community resources and build bridges between members and doctors. "For one older gentleman, coming to the mobile clinic allowed him to retain his independence," said Eileen Zivkovich, a Highmark case manager. "Because he could get to the appointment on his own, without relying on others for transportation, he could make his own decision about seeing a doctor."

A health clinic on wheels

The mobile doctor's office features a wheelchair lift and fully-accessible bathroom, as well as two exam rooms for patient privacy.

Highmark care coordinators reach out to people who haven't had preventive exams recently, and arrange for a wellness visit. The clinic offers:

  • Annual wellness visits and biometrics screenings
  • Immunizations and vaccines
  • Osteoporosis testing for women who have recently had fractures
  • Postpartum care
  • Medication reviews
  • Smoking cessation counseling
  • Tests for chronic conditions

Need a primary care doctor?

The mobile clinic's schedule for the future will be based on community need. Highmark members who need help finding a nearby doctor can visit Find a Doctor on the member website, or call My Care Navigator at 1-888-BLUE-428.

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