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The difference you can make when you're all for health.

Health care that makes life easier

Pat's bone marrow doesn't make enough white blood cells. It makes her more susceptible to infections.

She's been getting infusions of B-cells every 60 days for about 10 years.

Pat used to have to travel to the hospital — about 30 minutes away — for her three-hour treatments. This meant getting up early and giving up half of her Saturday sitting at the hospital.

It also exposed her weakened immune system to germs that could cause life-threatening illnesses.

But because a Highmark pharmacist realized she could benefit from home infusion therapy, Nurse Kelly now brings the treatments to Pat. She can get her life-saving infusions while relaxing on her sofa.

Living proof that when your health makes life harder, your health care should make it easier.

Care that's convenient

Pat works full time. Now that Kelly comes to her home on weekday evenings, she once again gets to savor her weekend mornings. She appreciates having that time to enjoy a cup of coffee and curl up with a good book.

"It's great. It's convenient," said Pat. "Kelly works around my schedule as best she can."

Pat also saves the money she would spend on gas, parking, and grabbing lunch after her appointment. "This is so perfect. There is no downside to it," said Pat.

Regaining quality of life

Pat's immune deficiency is a side effect of the chemotherapy she had to treat her cancer. Pat survived her battle with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Before she started getting infusions, she was weak and felt ill a lot of the time.

"The medicine turned things around," she said. "It helps keep my life normal. It helps me forget I'm sick."

Although she was committed to going to the hospital to get infusions, she was grateful when Highmark reached out to her about home service.

"I got a letter in the mail, called the number, and they said they had a nurse for me," said Pat. "It was done lickety split."

Like part of the family

Since Kelly has been the only nurse providing the treatments for Pat, they have formed a special bond.

"We get to know about each other's families and children," said Pat. "We catch up every time she's here. It's like a coffee klatch.

"You don't get that personal treatment in the hospital. When she's here, I'm the only patient Kelly has to worry about — her sole focus."

Kelly has been a registered infusion nurse delivering care to people's homes for five years. "You get attached to the patients and they get attached to you," said Kelly. "We're like family."

Care that comes to you

Highmark's pharmacists work hard to help simplify the lives of members like Pat. By reviewing medical history, they can identify those who may benefit from home infusion.

Members who qualify for the service usually have acute or chronic illnesses. They live with the burden of having to make frequent trips to the hospital or doctor's office, a burden that can be lessened with home visits.

To find out how Highmark may be able to simplify your health care through home infusion therapy or other in-home services, call the number on the back of your member ID card.

Benefits vary by plan. Check your member materials for details.

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