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If you've recently lost your group health care coverage, here are some options you need to know about:

COBRA allows many employees to continue their existing group coverage when they lose their job. Please contact your employer for more information.

"Conversion" from group coverage
If you're not eligible for or prefer not to enroll in COBRA coverage, your employer is no longer in business or your COBRA benefits end, you may be entitled to what is called a "conversion" policy. Highmark offers conversion options for individuals and their dependents who:

  • Formerly had coverage under a Highmark group plan or
  • Qualify under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)

You won't be asked any medical information when you apply, so conversion coverage may be appealing if you or your eligible dependents have any pre-existing health care problems. To qualify under HIPAA, you will need evidence of "creditable coverage" from your last employer's insurer when you apply.

IMPORTANT: You only have a limited amount of time to apply for a conversion policy, or you will lose your right to this coverage. Please call to learn more.

  • Delaware: 1-800-633-2563
  • Pennsylvania: 1-888-529-8978
  • West Virginia: 1-800-385-1985

Individual products
We also offer a variety of other individual health care programs to meet your needs and budget. Many of these programs require you to disclose information about your health status and health history when you apply. For individuals who do not qualify for these programs, a guaranteed-issue health plan may be available. Please visit us online to learn more: