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PROVIDING – Our Corporate Giving


Volunteers posingMAY 2012 — Sometimes a kid just needs to know somebody cares. That's what Big Brothers Big Sisters believes, and the support the organization receives from Highmark in Erie helps bring that beneficial reality to life.

"We had a young girl who would never speak, almost to the point that her parents thought she needed medical assistance," explained Paula Hayes, who heads Big Brothers Big Sisters in Erie. "We have our children and their Big Brothers and Sisters attend the Erie Playhouse as one of our activities. Highmark supports this program but stipulated that people from our organization have the opportunity to learn about producing a play, attending rehearsals and so on."

They're so proud to see someone there supporting them.

"Well, this shy little girl got up on stage to dance with the performers — something she never would have done without the unconditional love and support she got from her Big Sister — and has been communicating with people ever since," Hayes said.

Highmark support of Big Brothers Big Sisters in Erie also helps to underwrite the cost of recruiting, screening, training, and covering some of the expenses incurred by the adult volunteers as they visit with and participate in activities with their youngsters. Big Brothers Big Sisters also hosts and organizes additional activities to minimize out-of-pocket costs to adult volunteers, and Highmark support also gets used there.

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