Integrity Principles

Our principles of integrity serve as a path to what is proper in most work situations, regardless of the job at hand:

  • Personal and professional integrity is and has been our most important attribute.
  • We care not just for the end result but also for how it's obtained.
  • We are honest and forthright and observe all laws and regulations, but lawful behavior isn't quite enough. Ethical behavior is our standard.
  • We trust our instincts to tell us that something isn't quite right, and we ask questions whenever in doubt as to the proper course of action.
  • Customer, provider and supplier relations are the cornerstones of our business. They must be built upon credibility and mutual respect.
  • We demand ethical conduct in all our activities.
  • We always do the right thing.

We encourage our employees — and partners — to follow these principles as a primary road map for being ethical and successful at our company — and in life.

All vendors that conduct business with us are required to adhere to our Third Party Code of Business Conduct.