Integrity & Ethics Contact

Please complete the Integrity Contact Form below if you need assistance with an ethical or compliance concern. Please complete only the required fields to remain anonymous.

Alternatively, you may use the confidential Post Office Box listed below or call the Enterprise Risk and Governance Division's Helpline at 1-800-985-1056 for anonymous reporting. If you choose to make an anonymous report, you should provide enough information about the situation to allow us to properly investigate it. All matters will be handled with the appropriate level of confidentiality. However, if a matter necessitates the involvement of law enforcement, information may be shared as required by law.

This form will be forwarded to our Enterprise Risk and Governance Division for review and investigation. You will receive a response to your complaint unless you chose to remain anonymous.

Note: To ensure your privacy, all information will be sent via a secure connection.

Our mailing address is:

Highmark Inc.
Enterprise Risk and Governance Division
P.O. Box 22492
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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